What Is Vig Betting? How Vig is calculated?

Introduction to Vig betting:

Generally speaking, Vig is actually standing for Vigorish. It is a fee charged by book master or sportsbooks charges at every change of the gambling, through the process of Vig betting bookmaker can make a lot of money on the money of others. As the match result will lose or win, betters can win or lose, but sportsbooks can always get benefits and never be in loss.


Plus-minus In Sports Betting:

These are American betting terms, which mean minus is how much you will give us one lose $100 and how much one will win in case of a $100 bet. These standards are shown in odds in minus and plus signs.


Moneylines In Sports Betting:

Moneyline is a particular type of bet in which it is clear that your team is going to win the game; in this bet, you don’t care from how many margins your team but the important is that your team should win the game. Moneyline is still listed with a minus and plus system, which means it depends on the odds of how much you will win or lose.

When we talk about the system of this bet, the favorites are listed with a minus number, and the other opponents are listed with a plus number. At first sight, it is pretty challenging to understand the way of the Moneyline system of gambling, but when you get enough experience, you will do it pretty quickly.


A Vig in Sports Betting

A Vig in Sports Betting

Generally speaking, when we talk about the Vig or Vigorish, it is basically the cut in amount by a sportsbook for applying a bet. This term is commonly known as juice in the sling terms.

Let’s talk about an example, and if the bet rates are 100, then sportsbook will make a Vig on it and give you a bet at the rate of 110, which means that when you lose, there will be the benefit of 10 points to the sportsbook. But if there was no Vig, then winning will result in the +100, and losing will also result in the -100.

There is not constant value in the Vig in sports betting; as confident bookies cut more and some cut less, it varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. Generally, offline betting imposes more Vig as compared to online.


How Vig is calculated

Unfortunately, the sportsbook doesn’t post the Vig on betting, so it is not child’s play to find the accurate Vig calculation; they post the odds, through which one can overcome to find the Vig.

Here, you should know about the basic principles of mathematics to find the Vig properly.

1. The Process By Which Sportsbooks Make Money:

In modern days, a worldwide betting system will expand daily; one of the most common forms of Vig is when you bet on the point spread; in this case, you will feel more risk than you can win the bet in these conditions.

When we talk about familiar and general numbers for the bet are betting 110 to win 100 and 105 to win 100, so, in this case, when sportsbooks accept the same amount of the bet on each side, they will make the profit.


Here, now we will brief you on how the Vig bet works:

Assume that two teams are playing the match, team A and team B. the book takes $6000 to win $5000 on team A and $6000 to win $5000 on team B, let’s conclude that team A wins the match, so now the book will give the winners $6000 of their own and $5000 from the losers, in this case, the book will have the profit of $1000. It will be the same case if the match wins by team B.


2. Where To Place The Bet

When we talk about the platforms where you can bet easily, many online platforms allow you to bet; other options are bookies present on the hotels and casinos to bet. But one thing you should keep in your mind is learning about all the tactics of betting then you may get the benefit. Else, you will be in lose without fail.

Generally speaking, bookies are those individuals who take sports bets in different territories worldwide. They are operating beyond the laws and regulations. So first, make sure that where you place a bet, those are not illegal bookies because, in that case, you will create problems for yourself.

Here we will mention some of the most well-known and safe sites to place a bet online:

  • Betway sports
  • Spin sports
  • 22bet
  • Bet24


We have discussed all the possible knowledge regarding Vig bet, and we are sure that you will not have any query related to Vig betting after comprehending this article. It is recommended for one to learn all the knowledge about the bet and then place a bet on any of the safe platforms other than illegal bookies.

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