Review of KingPoker99 by Brian McCaffrey

Most poker players who frequent the online Texas Hold’em scenes will have heard of either Kingpoker or Jackpot Poker. These are two of the most popular games, and the most popular sites on which to play them. And many a poker player will also have played both and come back to try them out again. The question is, which one is the best game? In this Kingpoker review I’m going to give an overview of the most popular variants and how they can be played.


Review of KingPoker99:

The base game is no different to any other game. You’re dealt a hand and you must follow your opponent’s strategy. If they’re on offense, use your pocket cards to bet high. If they’re on defense, use the full house. No matter what, you need to attack early and attack hard.


  • As you’re learning the game, you’ll quickly see that this is a fast moving game.
  • Action is quick and decisions have to be quick.
  • Most players will start out with a hand containing three cards and no cards to take.
  • Their goal is to build up the pot as fast as possible while not letting their competition get ahead. If you go over with the odds, you’re out of the match.
  • This version of the game is fast paced, because there are so many different decisions to be made in a short period of time.

Every action that you take – betting, raising, folding – has an effect on the outcome. So there’s a lot going on and your opponents are usually trying to catch you off guard. In this sense they’re like agents who want to expose your weaknesses and draw out the best from you.

This Kingpoker review is going to concentrate on the action that takes place during the early part of the game, when you’re building up your hand and preparing to act.


At this stage there are several general strategies that you can employ.

  • First you have to make a lot of big bets, because the large the bet, the higher the chances are of winning. Don’t make these large bets just before you start – that’s too risky. Wait until you see some cards and you can make more intelligent moves.
  • One of the key things I want to point out in this Kingpoker review is that you have to watch out for the other players, because it’s likely they will try to deceive you.
  • They might fold their hand or raise their opponent.
  • You should be suspicious of your competitors, but don’t do anything reckless or silly.
  • You need to think carefully about your actions at this stage, because if you act too quickly you could lose a lot of money instead of gaining just enough to keep the pot winnings.

Once you’ve begun to build up a strong starting hand, it’s often a good idea to move your money into the mid-round range. This means putting away about one-third of your starting bankroll. Don’t use this “all-or-nothing” mentality – there is always a chance that you’ll miss on a couple of cards and wind up outside of the money with a bunch of low cards, but if you’re playing against tight players, this is less likely. You’ll probably end up winning most of the pot, if not all of it.


Wrapping Up:

Overall, this is a solid poker book with a lot of real practical advice and strategies that you can use to either win or lose, depending on how you play. If you’re looking for an enjoyable poker experience, this book can give you a lot of what you’re looking for. It’ll help you build a solid foundation for poker gambling, and you’ll have a better understanding of when and how to make those small bets when you play poker.

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